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December 9, 2012 at 5:45pm

Kali’s Swap up Shop.
In the spirit of giving back.

Instead of a lecture, I decided to liquidate my graphic design collection and swap with audience members, my goodies for their “best tip.” the shop was designed and constructed by my MFA Graphic Design students + friends. the audience entered the room; were given a bidding package; bid on a maximum of three coveted items. In addition to my collection, 15 colleagues/friends/former visiting artists from Europe and around the states sent in a package to include in the swap. one by one the items were brought to the “bidding table.” One bid was selected at random. The winning number was read; the winner came up to make the swap and secure the new item. In exchange for a gem from my archive, i was given a gem of knowledge. IT WAS MAYHEM!!!! once the item was collected and projected on the overhead for all to see; the happy camper walked to the “documentation station” for a photograph with the item. In addition, an image was shot on their iphone. The last stop, “the dissemenination table.” Everyone was required to send the image documenting their prized possession out through social media (intagram; twitter; tumblr; facebook). Four additional swaps were made by people who wanted to swap with another in the room, “a second generation swap.” Finally, for those who did not win anything (there were few) people in the audience volunteered to gift them their winning object. ONE BIG AMAZING EVENING. Thanks to all.

— Kali Nikitas of Graphic Design for Love (+$) as a explorer and program planner.


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